Project management and consulting

In accordance with the Law on Planning and Construction, we offer You project management services that are mandatory in the public procurement process in the case of:
Investments in the construction of infrastructure and other buildings with a total investment value of over HRK 10,000,000.00 (excluding VAT).
Investments in the construction of buildings with a total investment value of over HRK 50,000,000.00 (excluding VAT).
We have an IPMA Certificate for Project Manager – Level C – Certified Project Manager.

Our project management services as well as technical consulting include:

  • consulting, selection and contracting of design, construction, supervision, auditors, surveyors, coordinators of safety at work, or all those necessary for the implementation of the project, in order to protect the rights and interests of the Client;
  • the financial, legal and technical consulting at the request of the Client related to the preparation of the entire project documentation, preparation of tenders and during the construction process;
  • coordinating all participants in the design and construction phase;
  • cooperation with the Client in the formation of tender documentation;
  • legal advice in the preparation of documentation for contracting and drafting of contract proposals;
  • cooperation with public legal bodies, monitoring the course of the procedure for obtaining the necessary conditions, certificates and permits;
  • the ongoing engagement of the Project Manager during project implementation;
  • planning and monitoring the financial and time dynamics of project implementation;
  • a revision of project implementation plans;
  • a weekly and monthly report on the status and progress of the project;
  • permanent technical consulting – consulting during the project implementation and its constant technical support;
  • proposing more rational solutions, if necessary for certain processes;
  • advising on possible issues in the field of site safety, working conditions and regulations;