Safety at work coordinator

Safety at work serves to detect and eliminate risks, like risky phenomena such as dangers, harms and efforts, which can endanger the life and health of people at work. Occupational safety as a set of interdisciplinary activities regulates measures, procedures, principles and rules of occupational safety in order to eliminate or reduce occupational risks by basic (designed, technical) measures or reduce them to an acceptable level, and to apply basic safety rules to work and the established levels of risk, reduced the stopped risk to an acceptable level by applying special (organizational) rules of safety at work.

The purpose of occupational safety is to create safe working conditions in order to prevent delays in technological / production / service and other work processes with possible consequences for the health and life of workers such as injuries at work, occupational diseases and other work-related diseases.

Our project management services as well as technical consulting include:

Coordinator I – Coordinator for safety at work in the project development phase.

  • preparation of occupational safety studies;
  • coordination of the application of the principles of safety at work in the project development phase;
  • the development of a work plan;
  • preparation of documentation, which contains important safety and health data, which need to be applied after construction in the phase of use;

Coordinator II – Coordinator for safety at work in the construction phase.

  • – the coordination of the implementation of appropriate procedures to ensure that employers and other persons consistently apply the principles of safety at work and perform work in accordance with the work plan;
  • the harmonization of the work plan and documentation with all changes on the construction site;
  • ensuring cooperation and mutual reporting of all contractors and their representatives;
  • checking that work procedures are carried out in a safe manner and harmonization of prescribed – activities;