Professional construction supervision

The Supervising Engineer, as one of the participants in the construction in accordance with the Law on Construction, has extended the Investor’s hand and protects his interests in terms of price, quality and dynamics of works. Together with associates from other professions, we offer You supervision of all works, in the entire service of supervising works from introduction to work to the use permit!

Our construction supervision services include:

  • review and analysis of submitted project documentation and cost estimates;
  • analysis of the contract, dynamic and financial plan before the start of works;
  • construction supervision is in accordance with the construction permit, project documentation, laws and rules of the profession;
  • daily presence on the construction site, if necessary coordination with other participants in the construction and subcontractors;
  • quality control of works – visual inspections, review of attest documentation, presence at taking the necessary samples;
  • maintenance of agreed deadlines – monitoring the progress of work according to the plan with a sufficient number of contractor resources;
  • conducted weekly coordination meetings and compiled minutes;
  • preparation and delivery to the Investor of monthly reports on the progress of works, problems, proposals, etc.;
  • guiding the contractor in performing certain works;
  • a review of performed works – construction books, certification of temporary and completed situations;
  • control of analysis of work prices, control outside of cost works;
  • control of data entry in the construction log and verification;
  • prepares for the final report of the supervising engineer;
  • participated in the Technical inspection of the facility;
  • participated in the handover of works and compiling minutes, and taking measures to eliminate deficiencies;